C. Lwanga Yonke

Founder and President, Padouk Consulting, LLC

C. Lwanga Yonke is the Founder and President of Padouk Consulting, LLC. In that capacity, he helps organizations boost their business results by improving the quality of their most important data. During a distinguished career as an information leader, Lwanga has successfully designed and implemented projects in multiple areas, including information quality, data governance, business intelligence, data warehousing, data architecture, and building a data culture. His initial experience is in petroleum engineering and operations.

An established information quality expert, Lwanga holds an MBA from California State University, Bakersfield, and a BS degree in petroleum engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. A strong believer in process improvement, he also held the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer credential. Lwanga is actively engaged in various volunteer projects and community service activities.

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