Using Data Governance to Tackle Tough Data Problems

Presented By: Gretchen Burnham – Principal Data Management Consultant, First San Francisco Partners

Many Data Governance initiatives start with great intentions around data definition but falter when faced with large and complex data problems and related business conflicts, such as multiple versions of an enterprise KPI, legacy data definitions built into critical business processes, data misalignment across business units, and so on. These data problems feel too complex, too political, and too structural to be solved. And yet our organizations are asking us to do just that.

As data professionals, we must identify when a given problem is about the fundamental definition of the data and guide our stakeholders through resolving the issue. This session will share a repeatable and structured approach to identifying and analyzing these kinds of data definition problems and a proven method for facilitating alignment on resolutions.

Following this session, attendees will be prepared to:

• Identify common data definition misalignments and conflicts

• Use a repeatable process to drive data definition alignment

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