Trends in Data Governance

Presented by: Laura Madsen – CEO at Moxy Analytics

Data Governance hype is increasing. Driving a lot of this hype are the big legislative changes happening across the globe, marketing budgets, software vendors, and company-driven data literacy efforts that create demand for Data Governance. A recent article predicted that Data Governance will grow to be a $5.1 billion industry by 2025, but it won’t get there without hype, and hype drives trends.

Not all trends are bad – some are even built to stay. But without some forethought, you might find yourself with a closet full of the Data Governance version of parachute pants. In this session, Laura Madsen will break down the trends that drive growth and the ones that will be a distraction, and how you can tell the difference.

  • What we will likely see as Data Governance grows
  • What will be the Data Governance version of leopard print
  • What should we see and how can we influence it

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