Implementing a Data Catalog and Business Glossary

Presented by Becky Lyons and Gretchen Burnham

Metadata is foundational to all data work and should be a top priority of a data governance program. Without an understanding of what data means, where it comes from or how it’s classified, it’s virtually impossible to extract data’s full value. Data Catalogs provide an innovative solution for powering data intelligence and metadata management with governance at the core.

But investing in a catalog tool is only a first step. Optimized value can only be fulfilled when it’s embedded into “business as usual” processes of how users work on a daily basis, creating a sustainable need and trust in the catalog as opposed to just knowing it is one of many tools available.

In this session, instructors Becky Lyons and Gretchen Burnham provide an introduction to a new DATAVERSITY Learning Plan, The Enterprise Data Catalog and Business Glossary.  This multi-course Learning Plan is an in-depth exploration of the critical key elements that organizations need to implement data catalogs and business glossaries. This session will provide an overview and key takeaways from those eight sessions.

Course Outline

  • Explore the key success factors for implementing a well-governed Data Catalog
  • Establish a foundation for realizing and communicating business value from your Data Catalog
  • Introduce the 8 sessions of the Dataversity Learning Plan

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