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On January 23rd, 2019, between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm Pacific Time, DATAVERSITY hosted the fourth annual Enterprise Data Governance Online (EDGO). The full day of live webinar sessions presented by industry experts helped anyone working with data to execute and implement a successful Data Governance program. Presentations focused on Data Governance and Quality, Data Stewardship, governing new technologies, and more.




Data Quality for Non-Data People

Presented by Kasu Sista
Most companies do not think of data when they start out, let alone the quality of that data. With the proliferation of data and the usages of that data, organizations are compelled to focus more and more on data and their quality. Join Kasu Sista of The Wisdom Chain to understand how to think about, implement, and maintain Data Quality.

You will learn about:

  • What do data people think about?
  • How do you get them to listen to what you want?
  • Business processes and data life span
  • Impact of data capture and Data Quality on downstream business processes
  • Data Quality metrics and how to define them and use them
  • Practical Metadata and Data Governance
  • What are the takeaways from the session?

  • How to talk to your data people
  • Understanding the importance of capturing data in the right way
  • Understanding the importance of quality metrics and benchmarks
  • Understanding of operationalizing Data Quality processes
  • 9:00

    Data Governance 2.0

    Presented by Kelle O'Neal
    With the shift toward augmented Analytics and the race to achieve digital business transformation, Data Governance may seem like yesterday’s news. In reality, Data Governance is more important than ever – and has evolved and matured along with other areas of Data Management. Companies able to ride the maturity wave and build upon a solid foundation of Data Management will be better poised for meeting new regulations, competing in the marketplace and deriving tangible results from new technologies and capabilities.

    The scope of “Data Governance 1.0” is the foundation of many data-driven organizations, ensuring accountability, quality and control of critical data elements and master data. Largely focused on structured data, “Data Governance 2.0” will extend further up and down the data supply chain to include data acquisition and data usage. Therefore, Data Governance will extend to data in flight, not just at rest. This is where the use of catalogs and other solutions will enable the governance organization to provide guidance, standards and controls to ensure that the appropriate levels of rigor are maintained.

    Data Governance 2.0 will also encompass other practice areas like data acquisition, data vendor management and reports/Analytics governance, among others. It will also incorporate Unstructured Data, extending to not only the Unstructured Data prevalent in Big Data and Analytics, but also a company’s intranet site, Sharepoint sites and content on externally facing websites.

    Attendees will learn techniques for riding the Data Governance 2.0 wave including:

  • Leveraging the current scope of Data Governance and previous adoption to extend appropriate practices to cover other data types
  • Ensuring there is appropriate representation and accountability identified to cover the additional data types
  • Prioritizing effort based on business objectives
  • Recognizing that there will be varying levels of maturity across the different categories of data, as well as along the supply chain. This will mean that there will be additional burden on the Data Governance “Office” to maintain project plans, standards, artifacts, training, communication and other things needed to effectively manage the Program
  • 10:00

    Understanding Data Lineage

    Presented by Dr. David Kowalski
    Driven by everything from regulatory mandates to "need-to-know" issues to more mundane concerns, more and more companies are finding value in creating and maintaining data lineage maps for most of their critical data elements. The challenges to such an initiative can be daunting and, even when required by regulators, many business executives may wonder everything from “is it worth it?” to “where do I begin?”

    In this webinar aimed at a broad, general audience, Dr. David Kowalski will offer an overview of Data Lineage, including:

  • What does Data Lineage encompass?
  • Why does Data Lineage matter?
  • What approaches are companies taking to document Data Lineage?
  • What are some of the deeper concerns that a company will confront when beginning to implement an ongoing Data Lineage practice
  • 11:30

    KEYNOTE: Trends in Data Governance

    Presented by Kevin Shannon
    Join the Keynote to hear from Executive Leadership in the trenches regarding what’s happening in the world of Data Governance. What are the current best practices you should be implementing into your Data Governance program and what should you be planning for in the future?


    Governance Through Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Catalogs

    Presented by Anthony Algmin
    Data Governance is fundamentally a collection of discrete functions and activities. These range from establishing policies, to defining data quality parameters, to assigning data owners and stewards. Underlying it all is metadata, which provides context to data. Without metadata, Data Governance would have nothing to do!

    Managing metadata is an essential part of any successful Data Governance program. Glossaries, dictionaries, and catalogs all play slightly different roles, but must harmonize to achieve the most impact. In this session we will compare and contrast these metadata-related activities, and discuss strategies for incorporating them into our Data Governance efforts.

    Key points include:

  • Differentiating between these functions is important to us but often meaningless to non-data-folks—and that is perfectly okay
  • Learning when tools help and when they add unnecessary complexity
  • What really matters is how these help us use data better in our organizations
  • Choosing pragmatism over the pursuit-of-perfection
  • Knowing our audience(s)—how to create artifacts that actually get used
  • 1:30

    Non-Invasive Metadata Governance

    Presented by Robert S. Seiner
    This event-anchoring session with Bob Seiner focuses on how to implement the Governance of Metadata following the Non-Invasive Data Governance™ approach. It is recognized that metadata is a critical component of a successful Data Governance program. Metadata improves the return on data-oriented investments like analytics, data protection, data quality, and master data management. The truth is … the metadata will not govern itself.

    In this session Bob will discuss:

  • Concepts of Non-Invasive Metadata Governance
  • Metadata as a Valuable Data Resource
  • Aligning Data Governance with Metadata Governance
  • Implementing Effective Metadata Governance Tools
  • Maximizing Metadata Resources with Accountability
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